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Why She's Running

Greta Neubauer, a social movement organizer and fifth generation resident of Racine, Wisconsin, is running for the 66th District in the Wisconsin Assembly.

“I am running for State Assembly because we need the next generation of leaders to stand up to the powerful special interests that buy our politicians and corrupt our democracy. Together we can enact a green New Deal that provides living wage jobs and protects our environment. We can embrace our diversity and ensure every person has the opportunity to live up to their potential.

“Growing up in Racine, I saw how difficult it was for many families to make ends meet. I joined the 2008 Obama campaign because, like Barack Obama, I believe this country can do better. I became active in the environmental movement when I saw politicians mortgaging my generation’s future because they were afraid to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. I have been fighting for an economy based in the principles of resilience and equity, an economy for all of us, ever since.

“For far too long, Scott Walker and his billionaire backers have been using our state and our community as a testing ground for their most extreme right-wing policies. They continue to gut workers’ rights, demonize immigrants, and lock-up people of color at unacceptable rates. We need leaders who will stand up to bad ideas, such as tax breaks for the wealthy, resegregating our public schools or using our tax dollars for an unnecessary arena.”

The Issues

Strengthening Our Public Schools

I believe that public education is vital to making a stronger Racine.

Fighting for Working Families

I believe that everyone’s work should be valued, and the ability for people to collectively bargain as part of labor unions is essential.

Protecting our Water

I believe that no one should have to worry about toxins in our lakes or the water they drink.

Health Care

I believe that health care is a right, not a luxury, and politicians shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions over women’s bodies.

Fighting for Everyone

I believe we have a duty to make sure everyone has real opportunities to like to their greatest potential, regardless of the color of their skin, who they love or which part of town they are from.

The Arena

I believe that our tax dollars should be spent on our priorities, not gambled on reckless unwanted projects like the Racine arena.

Don't Forget! The General Election is January 16.

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